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10/05/02 - hey everyone. we just got finished doing 6 songs with Tim pak at the woodshed. Joe Rizzo has 4 of the songs on his livonia sucks website. we have a lot of shows coming up too. check out the shows page for all of them. one of the upcoming shows is with the independents. if you've never seen them, you gotta. they are maybe the best live band ever. anyhow, that's it for now, come say hello at a show, maybe we'll give you some free stuff.

8/10/02 - notes from Jim.....hey everyone. tomorrow we play at emofest starring brad head at his house. no, we've not gone emo, but a bunch of emo vegan kids will be there. we play acoustic, always my favorite... right. it will work out ok, we actually practiced it this time around. then we record six songs with Tim Pak at the woodshed. the songs will be 5 new, and we will re-record blame. I just think its one of our better songs, but it was recorded before I learned how to sing. not that I ever really did, but I'm better now I guess. I went to the less than Jake show on Tuesday and it ruled. they get better and better every time. but the show stealer was the teen idols. I've never been a huge fan of them, but they now have our old friend Kevin (formerly of pt's revenge, current teen idols and this frequency five). it made all the difference. they were excellent. that band with Kevin is proof that you can polish a  turd. anyhow, we play again on the 24th of august at the diesel lounge in Windsor Ontario Canada with this frequency five. come down, it will rule. its only like 4 bucks Canadian, and in real money, that's only like 2.50. come down, say hi. oh yeah,. a lot of people have been asking what we plan to do with the last 12 songs we recorded. the answer is, get ready, ...nothing. its older stuff at this point. most the songs will make it to the next record probably, but not all of them. we just have so much better stuff now, and we're tired of lots of it. some will resurface though. later.


7/22/02 - Not a lot going on right now. We been working on new material and are going to record five new songs and re-record "Blame" at The Woodshed w/ Tim Pak at the end of August.


5/28/02 - We won round 1 of the battle of the bands in Windsor and play in round 2 on Sunday, June 2nd at 9:00 pm at Yuk's Yuk's comedy club in Windsor, ON.

5/10/02 - We apologize for not updating the site in a while, but things have been crazy the last couple of months. Adam Hill (formally of Say Anything) has replaced Chris on the drums, Franco quit Say Anything, Jim works days after spending the last two years on nights, so we've just been spending all of our time on writing new material and practicing since we have more opportunities to play shows. Our next show is a battle of the bands in Windsor, ON on Sunday then it is off to Findlay, OH on May 31st.

2/16/02 - Thanks to everyone who was part of putting together the Findlay "Battle of the Bands", we had a great time playing and hope to be back that way soon. ******We have all new merch. on it's way.****** Look for it at our upcoming shows.

01/20/02 - We'll we just finished playing The Wired Frog (the most over rated all ages club in Detroit) and we like to thank the few that made it out and the the two kids who stuck around, you know who you are. We would also like to thank Julie Noe from Ypsi. for sending us those photos. If anyone else has any blindshot photos or videos please send them to the address found on the CONTACTS page so we can put them on the web site or put together a music video.

01/09/02 - I just updated the page so everything should run a lot faster. There is a new page added under the multimedia link that has some pictures. The pictures are not the best of quality, but are still better than none. I will update the pictures when we get some new ones(they will be better).

12/21/01 - Thanks to all of you who made it out to the show tonight, you guys showed alot of support and made it really fun for us. Thanks to Johnny K. (P.T.'s Revenge) for filling in for Dave. It was great jamming with you again. Sorry for not having any cds to sell, I promise we will have them at the Jan. 11th show.